Saturday, July 11, 2015

Alleluia: A Love Story With a Horrific Twist

It was a rainy night in Manhattan and a group of strangers sat together watching two madly people in love go on a Parisian killing spree. It was frightening, darkly funny, bloody, and was hosted by Tony Timpone and FANGORIA! Alleluia, written and directed by Fabrice Du Welz  puts the horror in E-harmony and is a perfect match for any horror fan in search of a love story with a most horrific twist.
Shown at a brand new location, The Helen Mills Event Space and Theater, in Manhattan, FANGORIA's free screening of the Belgium horror flick was a huge success! The intimate venue was a perfect place to get your horror on! Master of ceremonies, Tony Timpone, started off the night with some audience participation, offering the Fangs, (what I will now be calling all readers of FANGORIA, myself included), a voice in choosing the new location for future free screenings! That's right, screenings will no longer be shown at the fabulous Cinema Village in Greenwich Village, but that's for another post. It was split down the middle between Manhattan and Brooklyn! Only time will tell my fellow Fangs. 
Would you let this couple into your home?
Anyway, my posse and I grew excited as the house lights dimmed and the movie began. From the first scene of a nurse cleaning a corpse in a morgue, to the last haunting image, I couldn't keep my eyes off the screen. This was not because it was in French with English subtitles, though I did take 4 years of French. No, it was because the the acting, the directing, the writing, the cinematography, and the music, were all superb! Of course, the fact that this foreign horror gem was based on the American Lonely Hearts Killers case that took place between 1947-1949, made it even better! Don't worry, this version of the bloody rampage takes place in the 2000's in case the idea of watching a film set without social media and cell phones bothers you. 
Side note, did I mention there is a musical number thrown into the middle of the film? I didn't? Well now you know, and I promise you it will haunt you for days to come! The soundtrack to this film, both lyrically and instrumentally, was as haunting as the film itself, more-so, if anything, the music had almost a story line of it's own. When, and not if, you see this movie, you will understand what I mean.
Passionate or Satanic? You Decide
Though at times the film was predictable, the graphic violence, the sexual passion, and the spiral of insanity was anything but predictable. If you are able to watch a film with subtitles, and I understand if that is not your thing, I highly recommend this film! If the rest of Fabrice Du Welz's films are anything like this one I may just purchase his entire collection! Of course, as soon as Alleluia is on Blu-Ray I will be purchasing it and I suggest you all do the same. 

Thanks to FANGORIA for a great night and another great screening!  Looking forward to August 10th when the film Amnesiac will be screening.  This will also be the last film to be shown at Cinema Village so don't miss it!  For more information about this screening and future frights as well, make sure to check out www.fangoria.com 

Talk to you soon my fellow Fangs and horror geeks!