Saturday, July 11, 2015

My Scary Godmother

Inspiration may come in many forms and often cannot be recognized or even named. It's something that takes us over and allows us to be creative and motivated in ways that move us towards greatness. In my life, my family and friends have always been my inspiration for my writing, and then, back in the early stages of 2015 I "met" a woman who forever changed my life. She has inspired me to push forward as well look out for me in ways that I can only describe as angelic. Though she and I have never met in the flesh, only making contact through LinkenIn, and personal emails, she has now become my Scary Godmother.
Cydney Neil, a horror geek herself, has taken time out of her life to offer me guidance, support, and networking that can only be described as immeasurable. From the moment we connected I felt a deep sense of sincerity in her emails and her kind words always put a smile on my face.  Soon after we grew to know each other, as pen-pals, she put herself out there and introduced me to a dear friend of hers, with whom I was very familiar with. Ironically enough, I was just given a book recently published by him for my birthday. This connection has changed my life for forever.
I remember joking with Cydney through an email about her being my Fairy Godmother, and in a later email she corrected me stating that she was my Scary Godmother, something more fitting for our friendship and shared love of horror. I knew after that single email that she was something special.
Now, thanks to a leap of faith from this spiritually and intellectually gifted woman, I am on the verge of making my dreams come true.  She has opened a door for me that had been locked for sometime and now, I know that door will forever be open!
I'll share with you something Cydney told me in our last conversation, at least my interpretation of what she told me. Ones life is like a tree, providing shade and fruit for others, changing seasonally through it's lifetime.  However, one day all the fruit from those branches will fall and the leaves will died, no longer offering shade; just know that it is only seasonal. With patience, that tree will be able to offer fruit and shade to others once again. Embrace the seasons of your life and never give up on what you want and who you are.

Thank you Scary Godmother...