Sunday, October 19, 2014


I just found a website that has me so intrigued I just had to write a post about it! I am in no way getting paid for this nor do I even know who's site this is; other than he goes by the name Joseph Merrick. On his website (assuming, indeed Joseph is a man), is a single chair that is placed in the middle of what seems to be a warehouse, or abandoned building, and a count down to something that promises to be horrific! Who knows what kind of gimmick this is, all I know is that it is brilliant!

Now, it being October, the month that is saved for all things scary, and horror-centric, though I find the month is December to be more terrifying, I am constantly on a search for the next big scary experience. From haunted house, hayrides, and zombie runs to movies, blogs, music, and books, I look everywhere! Well as it was, I was sitting on my balcony last night and my partner, who's love of serial killers attracts me the most, is sitting inside and found this website called KILLCAST and when I saw this I instantly signed up for updates.

Oh, did I mention the site hints towards a live killing on the website? Did I mention the creepy clown with the balloons? Did I mention it's possibly a murderous circus?

Do I believe that someone will actually die? NO! Do I want to see someone actually die? NO! Do I LOVE killer clowns???? YES! With that being said....bring on the crazy-clown led carnival! Even if this is just a ploy to get more twitter followers or hits to his website... I don't care! It's fun and interactive and hell...it's HALLOWEEN!!! Everyone deserves a scare or two!  So, hopefully you will click the links I've posted in this post or the link on my side bar and join the fun! And don't forget... Comment and let's talk about this, especially after whatever happens happens!

Talk to you soon...