Saturday, July 11, 2015

I'm Baaaack....

Well, I'm back and since I've been gone a lot has happened in the horror world! Poltergeist had a remake...I"m so sorry to all those that saw that movie! Fifty Shades of Grey came out...did anyone else think that movie was HORRIFIC? I know I did! And Scream is now a television series...enough said. Though this all seems so negative, on the bright side, or the dark side shall we say, Ash is returning to fight the Evil Dead, the next Halloween movie has been greenlit, and Rob Zombie's 31 is in post production...so some great things to look forward to!

So, what have I been doing with my time?  Here it is:

I Finished my Junior Year of College at the age of 35...(The scariest thing since the sequel to Troll)
That's right! I just finished my junior year of college and in a few more months I'll finally be senior, and let me tell you it will be cake compared to the last two semesters!  Going back to school is hard enough at my age, but to keep up with the new technology, the new ways of teachings (all PowerPoint and hand held devises), and of course the 18 year old kids, was a challenge!  However, I did very well.  I finished with a 4.0/4.0, I was inducted into the National Communications Honor Society Lambda Pi Eta, received two scholarships, become the president of the television society on campus (by accident), and even got an internship at FANGORIA Magazine, (which has not yet started but I have already written one article for them and you can click here to check it out!).

I've Been Writing...Like A Lot!
Obviously I haven't been writing on my blogs, my other blog being I Want To Suck Your Blog, check it out when you have a minute...or after reading this post...either way thank you! I have really been concentrating on my scholastic writing, including writing a research paper on the connections between Zombies and Catholicism...That's right, this Jewish boy is getting his Jesus on, and I must say it has been amazing to study this religion..not to mention I attend a private Catholic university lol. As well as research papers, I'm now doing some re-writes on my newest horror-centric screenplay, The Masquerade, a movie about revenge, murder, and good old fashion slashings...NO FOUND FOOTAGE IN THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!.  (More to come on that!)

I've Found My Very Own Scary Godmother...
Look out for this blog post coming soon..Cydney Neil is getting her own, very special blog post!

Well, that's enough for the time being....Coming up is a blog post on the screening of Alleluia presented by Tony Timpone and FANGORIA Magazine.

Glad to be back!