Saturday, October 25, 2014


George Halcroft was simply going to take a look at some film written by a writer that had contacted him through Twitter only a few short weeks ago. This film promised to be packed full of blood, gore, and of course plot twists that had never been seen before. Being a producer, Halcroft had heard it all before, but there was different about @Theabomination that made him want to meet. Usually writers and directors went through a certain chain of command in order to get Him to meet with them. However, the letters, video clips, and clever sonnets that this mysterious writer was sending to him had sparked enough interest that there was no need for the interference of others.

The day of the meeting, George received a tweet from @Theabomination, and it read: 

We #thanku1 4 meeting with us. We #thanku2 for letting us into your mind. Most of all we #thanku3 for letting us in your home.

George clicked on the first # and as it loaded he noticed it was a picture taken of the front of his house.  He clicked the second # and it was an image of his living room. He then clicked the third and final #. It was an image of him sitting in his chair looking at his iPad. His heart sank, his head beaded with sweat, his eyes wide and aware. Then his front door opened and closed and the music began. A new tweet chimed from the iPad in his shaking hand. It read:

The circus is here. The abominations in our troop will b known 2day. #thanku 4 helping!

George clicked the # once again and it took him to a live webcam site that was broadcasting, live from his study. He looked closely, as his heart raced uncontrollably, and watched himself, sitting there as a group of hideous looking men and woman walked slowly towards him.

The last words he heard was: Call me Merrick.