Tuesday, October 21, 2014

And She Ran: Killcast Edition

After overhearing a man, with a disturbingly haunting voice, give orders to bring her to the chair, Laney knew instantly what bringing her to the chair meant. In fact, anyone who had seen the website knew exactly what that meant;  they were going to kill her. Laney kept her calm and directed all of her fear and strength into breaking free from the ropes that bound her; there was no other option but survival. It only took a minute or so before the rope came undone around her writs. Within moments she was free.

Laney burst through the metal doors and continued to run as fast as she could and as far as she could. She ran down the wet-leaf covered sidewalk looking for any safe place to hide or any sign of help. Though she wanted to scream for help, she knew it was only a matter of time before someone from in that building would notice she was gone and come after her.  Screaming would only give them something to follow.

The rain was coming down pretty heavily and her mascara was running down the front and sides of her face.  If the rain hadn't ruined her make-up, her tears would have. Her heart raced as she ran, only turning her head twice to make sure she wasn't being followed. It was October 22, she thought she had more time; more time to figure a way out of this mess, to figure out where she was and how the hell she was going to get out of the abandoned warehouse where she was being held captive. She was supposed to have five more days. Why was this happening now?

There was no where to go, no where to hide.  She had no idea where she was and though she was free she still felt like a caged animal. Unfortunately, she hadn't made it very far. Though it may have looked as if she had left the confides of the building from which she ran, Laney was still very much on the compound and far from ever leaving its gates.

Out of breath and tired, Laney stopped for a moment to re-group and try and focus on finding help, when she heard it. The sound that every child loved, the sound that announced the arrival of fun, and games, cotton candy, peanuts, and of course, clowns. It was the sound of the circus and as Laney looked over her shoulder, she noticed in the distance a group of people walking towards her as the music played. Some jumped with excitement while others juggled knifes and performed as they walked, yet, the one thing they all had in common was that they were following one man. One man who Laney knew had to be him; the man that took her, the man that set this whole thing up, and the man that was going to try and kill her.

She screamed as loud as she but the only good it did was excite the group of insane circus performers ingo a frenzie. Laney realized then that she was never getting away, but why now? Why not in 5 days like the website said? Then it hit her; there were more that were going to die and whatever was happening to her, at that moment, was nothing compared to what was planed for the 27th.

Laneys' screams slowly faded behind the music and the laughter of the psychopaths that swarmed around her from every angle.