Saturday, October 18, 2014


Some names have been changed to protect the innocent:

Troop 356 were winners in every definition of the word; the alpha troop where ever they went. Their Scout Master, Kent Struthers, standing 6'4, 42 years old, and physically fit, was someone that was as intimidating as he looked. He took his scouts very seriously. Kent was not only a leader to a group of talents boys, his most prized scout was his son, Jesse.
It was a particularly rough year for Kent, Jesse and the rest of the troop.  They had lost a few scouts and though they were stronger than ever, the loss of their brothers was still fresh in their minds. However, their annual, week long camping trip was only a few short hours away. Soon the outside world wouldn't mean a thing and T356 would be surrounded by troops from all around the east coast to keep them occupied. It was the one week out of the year that all of their hard work and training was truly put to the test. All of the nonsense was left back home. This was the boys' time to band together as brothers and not only work and think and live like a team but learn how to be closer as a family.
They marched out of the white van as if they had already started marching before then even parked. Each scout in perfect formation, perfect uniform, perfect green socks with a row of read that only reached a half inch below the knee, and as each scout marched out of the van, they stood there silent waiting for their leader.
Kent, and his right hand brigade of leaders; Neil, his Assistant, and the lovely female leaders Lois, and Sunny, all walked out of the van and stood in a perfect line facing their scouts. It was then that the sound off began:
"Chis, Eagle Scout. Sir!"
"Anthony, Eagle Scout. Sir."
"Kenny, Eagle Scout. Sir."
"Jesse, First Class.Sir."
"Steve, First Class, Sir."
"Eric, First Class. Sir."
Ten more boys sounded off, each either an Eagle Scout or the ranking right below it, First Class. Those that had not yet achieved the ranking of the Eagle Scout will have what they need by weeks end in order to do so. As they stood there silent, Kent took this opportunity to walk up and down the line of boys making sure they were perfect. Then Kent began to shout.
"1,2,3,4!" The sound that emerged from his body was animalistic, like the roar of a tiger making his presence know to a heard of zebra.
"We're the men outside your door." They respond, with the same resonance.
"Kill them all don't hesitate."
Kent smiled, taking great pride in his boys. Each year he would stand there like that, and each year he would play the same song. It hyped him up as well as the rest of the troop for the week ahead. It was theirs.
"The war song." Kent said, as he turned to his head to look at his Assistant Scout Master.
Neil raised the volume to the stereo system in the van. The Devil Went Down To Georgia" blasted throughout the eight speakers that were professionally installed by Kent and his boys.  It was now time for the boys to grab their gear and get their heads in the game.


T356 stood side by side as they watched the last embers of the last campfire of the week fall to
the ground, only to burn out in a pool of blood by Kent's hiking boots. They then began to sing an old campfire song Kent once taught them. "Oh, it was sad, so sad, it was sad when the great ship went down to the bottom of the," they paused for a moment, as if waiting for everyone behind them to sing along, and then after no responses they continued, "husbands and wives, little children lost their lives...it was sad when the great ship went down."
They laughed and clapped and celebrated as lifeless bodies, of those working and scouting at camp that week, lay spread around the perimeter of the troop.

Kent stood there, once again very proud, and said, "Let's pack it up boys. Neil is waiting by the van, so grab your bags and weapons and move on. And watch your step, there were a lot of people this year."
Kent put his arm around Jesse and watched on as the troop walked over the horde of dead scouts and into the forest, back toward the campsite.
"I'm proud of you son, my Eagle Scout."
"Thanks Dad."


The only thing the other scouts could hear as they marched toward the dinning hall was Troop 356 shouting;
"We're the men outside your door.
"Kill them all don't hesitate."