Monday, October 6, 2014

A Grim Fairy Tale: Halloween Blog Carnival Edition 2014

I recently found a fairy tale ripped from the pages of an old German children’s book, folded in an envelope, and placed in the back of the book.   I know the book belonged to my Great Grandfather because my father told me.  Grandad gave it to my dad when he died and I guess my father will give it to me one day, I don’t know.  I was actually surprised to find it under some boxes in our attic. I was supposed to be grapping my mothers fall decorations but it was way more fun to dig through old boxes. I’m sure you know how that one goes.

My old man and his old man didn't get along too well. I'm actually surprised he left my father anything at all. They got into some fight about our families heritage and our not so perfect past. Pretty much after that they only saw each other during holidays.  I wasn’t really that close to Grandad but he gave me money on my birthday and Christmas.  My father never told me what our family was into back then and honestly I didn’t really want to know. 

Anyway, I took the pages back to my room and figured I ‘d try and translate, well googleate the German to English. My fingers began to type and a few hours later I had pieced together the story and this is how it translated. 

"Once upon a time, in a forest as green as an emerald, as quiet as dusk, and as peculiar as two madmen in conversation. This forest was unlike any other forest in Germany; it held secrets and a home to mythical creatures, sprites and fairies, trolls and giants, and of course man and woman. In this forest children ran free and the rules of barbaric societies past the forest line did not apply there.

In this forest lived a little girl, a very beautiful and special little girl. She was able to speak to other, less human, inhabitants of the land; but more importantly, trolls. Trolls were a very big part of the human existence for it was trolls that created man and woman. However, no one has ever spoken to one, they simply did not understand their language.

Every morning Lucy would go down to the flower patch and play with the fallen petals from the beautiful flowers surrounding her. She sometime imagined that it was raining flowers and as she through a bunch in the air and let them fall on her head.  The flower patch was her favorite place in the forest. 

One morning, hidden amongst the flowers was a baby troll. He was very small and cute in an odd sort of way.  Lucy gently picked him up and held him in her hands. She looked down and said, "I'll help you." The troll smiled, though Lucy was not sure if he understood her. However, she realized that she could not take a troll home so she found a large rock for him to hide under until the morning. 

Two weeks went by and Lucy and the troll became good friends. The troll grew quickly and was now talking in his native language, something inherited to trolls and not learned. The troll taught Lucy a phrase that they sang all day long; “Met Zetog un Setra Eta Vrog”. Over and over again they would chant those words. Even when Lucky would skip through town she would sing their little song. The town’s people looked as if she was crazy but smiled and laughed, believing she had created her own language. 

Almost a year later, on the day after her 10th birthday, Lucy went down to meet with her friend who, by now, had fully matured and was almost as tall as Lucy. They stood there in silence with the only thing between them but the large rock Lucy once placed him under as a baby.

She smiled at him but he just looked at her with an emotionless face she had never seen him make before.  It was almost as if he was not even looking at her as his friend but as something completely different. The silence broke as the troll began to laugh and sing “Met Zetog un Setra Eta Vrog”, over and over and over again. He began to skip and dance around Lucy. Realizing something was different about the troll she stood there, frozen, and scared.

The chanting grew louder and louder, “MET ZETOG UN SETRA ETA VROG”. His eyes grew dark and empty and his body pulsated with veins that seem to have appeared out of nowhere. His teeth grew larger and sharp, as did his nails on his hands and feet.  He'd transformed into something horrific. 

“MET ZETOG UN SETRA ETA VROG”, he sang again.

The troll then picked up the large rock, drew his arms swiftly to the sky and with great force brought the rock crashing down onto Lucy's head. Blood poured from her fractured skull. The troll lifted his harms again and began crushing her head, over and over and over again with the rock. When he was finally fished his body was dripping with her blood.

Slowly he put the rock down and stepped over the corpse of the little girl. He then arched his body down and with his sharp fingernails slit her stomach open and spread her flesh wide open. Everything that was inside was now outside. With delight he began to eat. He laughed and, once again started to sing:

“MET ZETOG UN SETRA ETA VROG”, and for the first time he spoke English and began to sing again, “WHEN I GROW UP I'M GOING TO EAT YOUR GUTS.”


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