Monday, October 20, 2014

Killcast or Silver Shamrock?

The website is up. The countdown has begun, and in only a few short days Killcast goes live. Where will you be when the circus comes to town? Come one, come all! Something insane this was comes. Prepare yourself for the ultimate in reality terror. A ring leader, of an insane circus, has received the attention of horror magazines, blogs, (including this one), and fans of the macabre through recent weeks.  Bloody-Disgusting.com has even dedicated an article on their blog to the mystery of KILLCAST.COM

Joseph Merrick (operator of Killcast.com, possibly...), and his (or maybe even  her) troop of deranged circus folk promise to deliver a unique package on October 27th.  What kind of package?  A live murder in front of every person tuning in to their live webcast. The circus is coming to town Ringling Bros. has left the building. Make way for the new show.

Pop your popcorn. Eat your peanuts. Have your cotton candy. Joseph Merrick is about to start the show.

Countdown with me and follow along as we track Merrick and the The Circus De Los Muertos
Come one come all to the greatest show in the world; death rattle.

Let's take it home with a little theme song ( in the key of Halloween 3's commercial hit, Silver Shamrock ):
Six more days till Joseph kills, Joseph kills, Joseph kills.
Six more days till Joseph kills, KILLCAST DOT COM.