Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Scream Queens

"What are we doing here?" The young girl said as she looked around the room, waiting for a response. She wasn't alone.  There were four other girls with her, each chained to the wall by either their legs or arms.

The girl standing to get right was wearing blue jean bell bottoms, a dark blue v-neck sweater with a light blue, buttoned, high collard shirt underneath. Her hair was frizzy and brown and she looked as if she'd been running and crying all night. She had a sign around her neck reading: Lori.

Next to her was a fully naked woman with hair the color of red fruit punch.  The only thing she had on were some grey leggings and a sticker covering her left nipple with the saying "hello my name is" on it and underneath the name Trash was written in red. In a corner of the room sat a shivering woman holding a box and crying. Written in black ink on her forehead was the name Kirsty. And pacing back and forth, in the small area she can move, is a young girl in her pajamas with a note stuck to her back with the name Nancy written in blood.

"What are we doing here?" She asked again.
"I don't know, " the naked girl said as she turned to the girl and glanced at her name tag, "I don't know Sydney, but you seem to be the only one with a phone." Sydney looked down at her feet and there it was, a cell phone.  As she slowly bent down to reach for it, it began to ring.  She looked at the other girls and then back at the phone. It rang again and there was some thing about that phone that she couldn't resist.  Quickly, Sydney picked up the phone and answered it; "Hello?"

The girl in the corner continued to cry as she held the box, tightly.  Her hands shook so savagely that it seemed as if she was trying not to move them rather than holding onto the box. It was too much to control and her hands began to touch the box and interchange pieces of it, slowly and sensually. She began to scream but the sounds that came out of her mouth were more like a whisper compared to the screams coming from the box.

"Don't fall asleep. Stay up. C'mon, stay awake!" She said as she clung to her pajama top. She had stopped pacing and placed her hand on the wall. Her breathing grew slow and steady.  The words she was just chanting no longer came out of her mouth. She was asleep as she stood there, so overly tired she could not even wait to sit down. For a few moments she was still and silent, but that silence was broken as she dropped to the floor, kicking and screaming and clawing at something that was not even present in the room.

Suddenly, Trash, the naked red head, jolted from the floor. Her body began to twist and shift. She dropped to her knees and let out a thunderous roar of pain. It was as if the devil himself was yelling through her. She screamed and screamed some more, and then she was silent. Her body collapsed on the floor. She was dead.

Lori began screaming as she watched Trash die.  She wasn't sure if there was something in the air or she was already sick, all she knew is that she was terrified. The only reason she could imagine being here is that he had finally gotten her. He'd tied her up and now she was waiting, with these other woman until he was ready for her. She wasn't ready to die though and she wasn't giving up the easily. All she had to do was come up with a plan. For a moment Lori was calm, then from the corner of her eye she noticed, the once dead, Trash begin to move slowly.

"Braaaaaaaains!" Moaned the newly revived corpse. "Braaaaaaaains." Trash moved and jerked as she stood up. Since she was attached to the wall by a smaller chain around her ankle she wasn't able to walk far and as far as touching the other girls; they were out of the zombies' reach.  Still, she reached and clawed at the other girls, moving her jaw as if she already had their flesh in her mouth.

Each girl was kept there, captive, doomed to relive their fates over and over again. This was all they knew and all they would ever know. Locked away until the day they are all set free by that which has collected them.