Wednesday, October 15, 2014

This Magic Moment

It was the fall of 61, and Traviln Man sung by Ricky Nelson was blasting in the small soda shoppe. Everyone was laughing and having a great time until the music stopped, the lights turned off and it began to rain. The cook behind the counter stopped flipping burgers. The waitress stopped serving food and ran into the staff area.  The customers just sat there in silence as thunder echoed through the building and lightning illuminated the black sky outside.

"Chip, what's going on?" A young girl said to her date.
"It's the beginning of the end of the world." Chip replied.
"Oh stop that silly. The bible says that," she said as Chip put his hands around her neck and snapped it.

Her head crashed into the ice cream soda she was once drinking, breaking the glass and cutting open her cheek. Her head laid in a pool of vanilla and chocolate, with a swirl of blood running through it.

Every girl began to scream as the men stood up and walked towards the front of the counter.  The cook stood behind them with a knife in his hand and black haze over his once green eyes. In fact, all the men had the same black haze over their eyes, except Chip.  His blue eyes stayed the same, the only difference was the whites of his eyes were now a deep, garnet red. Chip slowly walked over to the front door of the soda shoppe and locked it.  He then walked over to the jukebox and somehow turned on This Magic Moment by Jay and the Americans.

The screaming girls began to calm down, the waitresses from the back slowly came out and took a seat at any open table. They all sat there with their arms still on their laps, their heads tilted slightly to the left or the right, and some even had a smile on their face. It was as if the music were soothing them, putting them into a hypnotized-like state. As all the woman sat there calmly,  the men began to disrobe until they were all nude.

The cook slowly walked to the other side of the counter and stood in front of the rest of the men and began to disrobe. Chip took off his Letterman Jacket and then his white button-up, Argyle shirt. He stood there, watching, as the other men walked next to the silent women listening to the music.  Chip smiled as he nodded to each man, from left to right, giving them the signal to begin. Each man grabbed a woman and took her to the back of the shoppe. Chip stood there with a grin on his face that literally stretched from ear to ear.

Within five minutes of each other, the men returned with their women and one by one formed a line in front of the still naked, cook. The first man in line pushed his woman down to her knees as the cook cut himself on his arm and let his blood flow down upon the woman. He repeated this until each woman had been bled on, all while Chip overlooked, continuously hitting play so that This Magic Moment played over the entire ritual.

The men began to put their clothes back on and sit back down where they were originally seated. As for Chip, he stood at the table where he had killed the woman he was with. He signaled for the cook, who was now dressed and cleaning off his bloody arm, to come take her away. The cook hurried over and drug the woman's body into the back of the kitchen. Chip then cleaned his table and sat back down.

Without any notice, the lights came on. The rain, thunder, and lightening had gone as quickly as it had arrived. The music turned back on and this time it was not This Magic Moment. The cook returned from the back with a huge bowl of ground meat. He placed the bowl on the counter by the flat grill and began taking the meat and pounding it into burgers.As soon as the first burger hit the grill the women snapped out of their comatose state. Everything was as it was before and the evening continued as if nothing happened.

9 Months Later...

It was a beautiful summer day as Chip walked down the street waving to all the women in town. Some were holding babies and some where pushing strollers. He held his head up high as he entered the soda shoppe with a grin across his face, literally stretching from ear to ear